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While everything around us promotes consumerism, there are some essentials of life that become luxury for most people. At Orris, it is our profound belief that ‘Saving’ is the key whether it is in terms of energy, water, resources or food. There are millions of people around the world for whom securing basic necessities like food becomes an arduous quest. Around the country, and the world, there are initiatives being undertaken by organisations as well as individuals to achieve ‘zero food wastage’. Be it the ‘Dabbawallas’ of Mumbai, who have started distributing an innovative ‘Share’ sticker marked lunch boxes through their Six-Sigma optimized process to reach out with spare food to kids of the streets, or the various helplines in each city that enable you to share your party & catering leftover food with the less fortunate ones. At Orris, we believe this initiative begins from home and each one of us needs to contribute to this cause in our own way. Together we can not only combat hunger and food wastage but also bring smiles on the faces of people around us.

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