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In recent times, Orris has managed to emerge as one of India’s fastest growing real estate companies. Today, after more than a decade of hard work and immense learning, Orris has not only delivered multiple development projects, but is now in possession of a sizable land bank and has numerous ventures planned for the near future. With immensely positive feedback on delivered projects, the organization has been well-adorned with numerous accolades and awards.

We, at Orris believe that it is through all these successes that we’ve proven to ourselves, and to the world that ambition, persistence, hard work & dedication can lead to achieve greater heights. If there’s anything that helped us forge our path and find our way amidst existing market giants, it was the three core values that we pay most attention to.

Dedication to Quality

Dedication to Honesty

Dedication to the Customer

If you firmly believe that you have both great potential and the right set of skills for the job, we would be glad to have you alongside us, as a part of the Orris family.

Aspirants may send their resumes to

Life at Orris

We strive to create a collaborative, engaging and positive environment where our people and associates are excited to come and work together.

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