Come, Join Us

We have flair for identifying talent and industry experts. More importantly, we go beyond the call of duty in nurturing talent at Orris. Orris is more than an organisation. It stands for certain values and principles. It symbolizes character and fortitude. For a lot of us, it is a way of life.

Orris Infrastructure Private Limited is a multi-faceted, diversified and dynamic company that has steadily risen to the top echelons of the Indian real estate development.

If you are an aspiring professional interested in working in diverse areas and dynamic verticals like real estate, Orris is the place to be. Orris offers an amiable, conducive and pleasant working environment. It provides brilliant, young and energetic minds with lucrative opportunities in every facet of the business ranging from design, architecture, civil, structural and electrical engineering, including non-technical streams like sales and marketing.

Orris works on trust, functions on trust and is strongly built on trust. That’s how we want to sum up our corporate philosophy. Orris was founded with a dream to build a new India. We want to share our dream with all those who are part of us including all our stakeholders. We are quite sure that all great things in this world are achieved by passion. The skills, temperament and the right kind of attitude are characteristic traits that we look for in our potential employees, but more importantly, we are looking for people who are driven by passion and commitment. And, if you are passionate and committed, Orris is the right place for you. Great organizations have great teams and winning combinations. For us, teamwork is at the heart of that winning combination. And, if you are a team player, then you will be proud to don the Orris crest on your chest.

At Orris, human resources are talents irrespective of whatever they do. We place a high premium on our talents. We treat all our talents with respect and dignity to facilitate their growth and development. We nurture them and constantly encourage them to upgrade their skills. Training, workshops and retreats are part of our human resource department’s routine. They go through regular and intense training programs on the varied aspects of infrastructure and real estate industry so that they are in sync with realizing the vision and mission of the company.

We are working passionately towards ‘Building a New India’. If you share the enthusiasm and would like to be a part of this mission, drop-in your latest resume to and we will get back to you with an appropriate opportunity.