Retail Business Opportunity At Entertainland

Gurgaon has emerged as the fastest growing retail sector in Northern India. Over the last couple of years Gurgaon has witnessed increased purchase of premium residential property. This trend is quite in sync with the rise in the changing lifestyle of people dwelling within a modern urban set-up.

The real estate sector in Gurgaon has seemed to revive itself after witnessing an increase in sales by 13%. There was a significant increase in sales of additional 8200 units in Q4 FY17 in comparison to Q3 FY17. Owing to the sales there was positivity in the market and confidence to buy was seen among the prospects. Builders involved with developing the New Gurgaon and Manesar area can now capitalize on the opportunity to bring in more retail business to add entertainment into the life of new migrants.

Orris India recently launched its Entertainland project that will create an atmosphere of lifestyle and entertainment for the people of Delhi-NCR. The ones to benefit most will be the residents of New Gurgaon and Manesar region. There is the Dwarka link road to bring people from the North-West periphery of the national capital region without any traffic hassle.

Entertainland is one of a kind facility where retail businesses can flourish and connect with a wider customer base. Eateries, food-joint, garment store and unisex saloons are going to witness manifold growth under the Entertainland project from Orris. It is only a matter of time which company will benefit from the first mover advantage.

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