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What’s a home if it isn’t finished with the finest touches and attention to detail?  we believe you deserve the best from all over the world. Here, you step into a home that is fitted with premier specifications to befit your global sense of style.

Take in the sights; indulge your sensibilities!


Wooden Laminate Flooring From Egger: Eggar is one the top 3 global brands in wood-based panel products. It is also the no. 1 brand in India. They use Pine & Spruce wood which is sustainably sourced from the Alps forests.

  • E1 Norms Compliant | Eco-friendly | Safe

  • High, Consistent Quality | Strength & Toughness

  • Patented Interlocking System | Watertight | Airtight

  • Free From Swelling, Delamination & Warping | Weather Resistant

  • Professionally Accredited Installation

  • Top Notch Performance | 15 Year Guarantee for AC3 | 20 Year Guarantee For AC4

Ceramic Sanitary Ware From Somany: Somany Ceramics has redefining the Indian interior décor and tiles industry for the last 48 years with its extensive range of products. It is the pioneer in CP fittings and one of the top 5 Indian brands.

  •    Wall Mounted WC Fixture | Hidden Cistern | Soft Close Seat Cover | High Glazing | Vitreous

  •    Hygienic | Free From Seepage & Odour | Ease Of Cleaning & Maintenance

  •    Longer Life | 10 Year Warranty On Ceramics | 3 Year Warranty On Plastics

Premium CP Fittings From Continental: Continental is a premium ware, well-known bath fittings brand from India.

  •    High Quality, Best-In Class CP Fittings | Rust-Free

  •    5 Year Warranty Against Wear, Tear & Leakage

Bathroom Sink Vanities From Glocera: Glocera is a luxury-defining sanitary ware brand with the vision to bring global ceramic designs to the local luxurious abodes of India.

  •    12 Year Brand Legacy

  •    Vitrified Sink Vanity | Ply-Finish | Rust Free

  •    2 Year Warranty

Stainless Steel Sinks From Jayna: Jayna is one of the top 2 Indian brands in the domain of sinks. They design modern yet enduring sink products of world-class quality.

  • Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink | Textured Paint Bottom Coating

  •   Certified ISI, BIS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

  •  Lifetime Warranty Against Rust & Cracks

Internal & Main Door Lamination From Merino: Merino is one of the top 5 global brands in wooden laminates and the number 1 in Asia.

  •    Pine Frame | Uniformly Seasoned Solid Wood Filling | Hot Pressed Customized Laminate

  •    Flush Feel & Strength | Water-Proof | Free From Delamination

  •    No Harmful VOCs | No Odour | Eco-friendly | GRIHA & Greenguard Certified

  •    5 Year Warranty

Windows & Balcony Doors From ADO: ADO is the number 1 European brand in window and door systems.

  •    Each Panel = UPVC + Steel Reinforcement (To Give Strength) + Glass (St. Gobain) + TPV Gasket

  •    Top-Notch Quality & Finish | Scratch-Resistant | Dust-Proof | High Insulation | Airtight | Watertight

  •    Professional Installation

  •    Long Life | Cost-Effective | 10 Year Warranty Against Discolouration, Peeling & Cracks

Top-Of-The-Line Elevators From Thyssenkrupp: Thyssenkrupp has a 140-year German legacy and is one of the top 3 global brands in industrial engineering and steel production.

  •    Energy-Efficient | Safe | Secure

  •    Access Card Entry | Security Camera

  •    Braille-Friendly | Kid-Friendly

  •    Mechanical Sensor | Full Load Bypass | Anti-Nuisance Feature

  •    30-Minute Emergency Light & Fan Backup | Auto Rescue Device

  •    Fire Emergency Return | Motor Overheating Protection System

Touch upon the nuances of finesse, comfort and safety in your premier lifestyle – only at Orris Infrastructure  

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