Floreal Towers – There Is A Story Behind Every Business Space

A major part of our daily life is spent extensively pondering upon the transformation of a dream lifestyle into actuality. The idea of going through higher studies and prospect of a fruitful job brought me to Gurgaon all the way from a remote village of East-Central India. To be specific, the agricultural state of Bihar. Though Bihar has ample resources for a futuristic growth but I chose Gurgaon considering the fact that Bihar has seen frequent change of political turnarounds. While Gurgaon, with its proximity to national capital New Delhi is far ahead in terms of developmental criteria that attracts for a clean and healthy lifestyle with scope for several job opportunities at all levels of management and research work.


Education broadened my horizon on futuristic thoughts of progress in life. During college days the part-time job was barely enough to survive. When the first job came along, it was in the form of free-internship. Again, no money! The first proper paid job as an employee came much later. Having close to nil experience the money was just sufficient enough to pay the rent. I was lucky enough to have my cousins residing in our close neighbourhood. Weekend would mean ample food to give a week’s energy. Then there existed the problem of sewage and proper sanitation in our locality. During monsoon the drains would overflow and sewage filth would find its way out of the man-hole. Such a disheartening sight would inspire a few while to me it felt like a curse. I have a habit of doing a good work-out for an hour in the gym, or taking my bike (cycle) for a spin for up to 50kms to keep fit. This routine was not possible around the place I initially lived. And it hampered my work because as a human I have a set design for living my life as per a necessary lifestyle in the fast paced urban world.


That’s when I began my search for a good retail space to set up my travel agency and food joint. I was tired of living in an unhygienic environment. My search, based on my target group of customer brought me to Floreal Towers, sector- 83, New Gurgaon. Actually, initially I was only looking for a neat and spacious retail space where lots of daylight would come handy. And secondly, localities where the people dwelling in-around the vicinity of a radius of 20-25kms will be from high-income group and are self-responsible towards conserving energy. After seeing the retail space in Floreal Towers I was informed that not only the towers are equipped with energy conserving specifications but also meet the LEED Gold Certified standards. They also have their own water-harvesting facility. The information that made me book my retail space was when their social media manager (as I got the information about Floreal Towers- Orris Infrastructure) mentioned on the availability of fitness/gym facility and terrace food-court offering ample choice for nutritious food. They also have spa facility if one needs to de-stress.


Floreal Towers accommodates MNCs and this will eventually boost my retail business. Entries are separate for office and retail block for providing an excellent all-round customer experience, and a feel-good factor for employees of MNCs as they would like not any hassle of parking due to congestion and waste precious productive time. And to top it all it is highly recognized as the green business and shopping destination for everyone in New Gurgaon, or Delhi-NCR.


Today I am a satisfied business person. This is actually what I dreamt about and now I own my personal and clean space for business, where people respect cleanliness and respect an individual’s identity. It was a tough and energy-draining initial 5-7 years of experience, but staying positive with patience has brought me goodwill and eventually will help me earn profits. Also, as soon as Aster Court Premier, Carnation and other residency of Orris Infrastructure in the vicinity are entirely occupied, there will be more fruitful years for my business.



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