Billion Dollar Retail Business Growth Opportunity In India

Indian retail industry has seen the entry of several new market players i.e. brands, leading this segment in India as a dynamically emerging market. Singlehandedly this industry accounts for over 10% of the nation’s GDP. The rapid growth has also catapulted the employment generation opportunities to about 8 %. As of current scenario India stands at fifth-place among the top global retail space destination.


India ranks at second place in the world in terms of national population. Over the past decade Indian cities have seen rapid urbanisation and wide-scale distribution of telecom network to connect globally with the changing trends. This has led to manifold increase in retail business. There is a high demand for good retail property location at suitable market oriented price.


According to a data study by FICCI and IIFT the total potential of B2C is estimated to be more than US$ 25 billion, of which US$ 3 billion can be accumulated in the next 3 to 4 years from more than 15 product categories.


If the retail businessmen want to capture upon the above data opportunity then there is no stopping their growth once they are willing to capitalise on the emerging New Gurgaon market. Orris India is on the verge of launching Delhi-NCR’s first Entertainland which will provide retail opportunity to fashion, food-joints, cafes, gift shops, travel agencies, coffee shops, book-stores, plant enthusiast, sports, and also outdoor sport outlet chains. The Entertainland is a part of Floreal Towers, located right next to NH-8, sector – 83, New Gurgaon.


There will be no better time for retail business investment than now, at least for the near completion of a decade.



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