29 Acres Of Happiness With An Orris Home For Your Loved Ones

This is the story of Raajan. A prolific writer having a knack for travelling at will. At times it would even be at the cost of leaving a reasonably well-paid job. He would often dream of living sumptuously in a place with more than required breathing space even for thousands of people. Often one could find him day-dreaming. Nobody knew nor did anyone care as to what absorbed all his attention. Apart from daydreaming he had a massive appetite for keeping himself fit. Given a chance he would enter a swimming pool from the deeper depth at dawn and swim ashore towards the shallow end by dusk. His meandering thoughts would then lead him to a bench amidst the vast green lawns dimly lit to engulf oneself into its soothing romanticism.


He had sincere concerns for the senior citizens of his beloved city Gurgaon. One could always see a glimpse of concern in his often moist eyes expressing a zeal for the unknown. And the very next day you could read a post on his Facebook page explaining how gleefully he thought of hitch-hiking all the way to Rishikesh after his car broke down near Haridwar. The reason he mentioned, to give more breathing space and be able to give himself time in a secured peaceful place, with lots of water to spend most of his leisure time without anyone ever bothering. Not only this, he went on to decipher how the comfort of home-stay resorts with huge living space actually connected with the kind of lifestyle he has always dreamt of living forever. Just like his dream home.


It was not too late when Raajan got to learn of ORRIS Infrastructure acquiring a respectably large space of 29 acres for their real-estate projects. It had everything he has been day-dreaming to live amidst on a daily basis. Not even an iota of second thought was spared to finalize on booking himself a plush Two to a Core apartment in Aster Court Premier. He made the final decision as soon as he realized ORRIS is soon opening a Market City to meet all the basic and luxury daily needs of people dwelling within and also around this 29 acre society. This Market City will cater to the daily needs of every resident living in the ORRIS Infrastructure’s 29 acres property which includes top class residency in Carnation and Aster Court.


Today you may not find Raajan nearby around. He is a figment of imagination whose day-dreaming has been transferred into reality. Basketball, tennis, gymnasium, jogging track, wooden-floor, modular kitchen, imported tiles, 24 hour security and camera surveillance, ample greenery, water harvesting facility, play area for kids, freedom of comfort for senior citizens from every family, and location nearby NH-8. With these and many more basic and modern amenities ORRIS came as a relief to thousands of home-seekers looking to fully establish their urban living with aplomb after having to struggle with hassle of brokers and agents and uneasy finance solutions, apart from failed and fake investment promises previously made. Moreover when our country is facing the crisis of maintaining a join-family system in spite of the fact people wanting to carry on the legacy and pass it on is an adequate reason to carry a smile with 29 acres of happiness; when you realize that ACTUALLY there is more than ample space for living jointly in Aster Court Premier society. There is a Raajan is all of us. You only have to live it for real. It will be the most right thing by investing into a happy future with your parents and loved ones all around you.



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